Project and details

Scoresby Residence
Type: proposed single dwelling at rear of existing dwelling
Architects: Manish, Tse Ying, Chung
Year: 2014 - 2015
Scale: 730m2
The challenge: Providing sufficient private open space and car space for existing front dwelling.
Our solution: Our initial proposal was to locate a carport between both dwelling, which will be hidden from street view and allowing the large existing trees next to existing dwelling to be retained within the secluded private open space of existing front dwelling. At a later stage, the design was approved with a private open space to sit between two dwellings, and a lightweight carport adjacent to existing dwelling. The additional second dwelling at the rear turned out to be quite spacious; it has 3 bedrooms plus 1 study, living room with a separate lounge, and adequate backyard space for a small family.