Project and details

Gisborne Residence II
Type: single custom designed residence
Architects: Manish, Tse Ying
Year: 2014
Scale: 4000m2
The challenge: Client requested for spaces to be interconnected and centralized. Existing site is on a steep slope with variance in contours.
Our solution: In order to work with the existing site contours, the proposed dwelling presents as a single storey to the front of site, with an additional lower ground level towards rear. The floor plan is grouped together around a centralized courtyard which allows visual connection between surrounding rooms. The internal spaces are tied up by a wraparound external deck. A folding roof is introduced not only to break up the lineal form of the building, but also functions to provide different ceiling heights according to room function. For example, the family room is accentuated with the roof folding upwards to let in plenty of sunlight and external views. Similarly, rooves above bedrooms are generally kept low, with a dramatic rise to emphasize entry area.