Project and details

Donvale Residence
Type: Custom designed residence
Architects: Manish, Tse Ying, Jeet
Year: 2015 - current
Scale: 1200m2
The challenge: Slope and shape of site, designing to comply with 7.5 energy rating as required by the Design Review Committee.
Our solution: The shape of site is challenging to work within as it is almost a triangular shape, narrowing towards rear of site. However, the advantage of it is there is an extensive site frontage, which we have utilized to propose a second crossover. To avoid extensive cut and fill, the dwelling is stepped according to existing site levels. Our client prefers a very clean and crisp look – with lots of glazing. Even at design stage, careful consideration had to be given to the building system, materials, and window selection to ensure the proposal meets the required energy rating while fulfilling client’s brief.